Sunday, May 28, 2006

Julio Cesar Recio is da man!!!

I don't usually go gaga for gay men but I have to admit that Julio Cesar Recio is a hot looking guy. Julio is Anderson Coopers much younger (he'll be 25 in September) boyfriend. He's the guy Anderson won't openly admit "he owns." That's right, Anderson Cooper is Julio's sugardaddy but who can blame him. He is a hot looking Latin guy and Anderson has every right to rob the cradle for this one.

Some of us aren't attracted to the whiny, gray haired, pale, stuffie looking man that Anderson is but Julio has a great smile, a deep complexion and a lot of facial character.

Now that Anderson is getting old- he's close to 40- I wonder if CNN is looking for a newer, younger face with the same appeal. The above picture is circulating the web and the endearment to Julio on page 212 in Anderson's new book is a topic of conversation on tabloid web sites. How many of Anderson Cooper's female fans will continue to watch the show? Most only watch 360 for Anderson's good looks because the show itself is bland and dull.

I heard Julio Cesar Recio is a manager/director at a wine distributor at this place. With looks like that, he should be on TV. This should also put to rest the big Q: "Is Anderson Cooper gay?"