Friday, June 02, 2006


After a few days away from the internet I was somewhat surprised to see my blog posted or linked to several huge gossip sites and blogs.

I spent much of my personal time reading comments from this blog and others and would like to clarify a few things.

1. The picture in my blog was not my photograph. I don't know who took the picture but it was taken at the Westminster Dog Show which is a PUBLIC place with thousands of attendees. When you are in a public place anyone can take your picture or videotape you and it's legal. CNN and other media outlets do this all the time. In all fairness, the photographer was not stalking Anderson and Julio. From what I've read, they knew they were being photographed and Anderson didn't try to "hide" the fact that him and Julio were "together."

2. There is a price to pay to have a famous face. This applies to actors, actresses, musicians, politicians, and TV news anchors. Famous people give up all rights to a private life. The more they try to hide something, the more the media and public want to know about it. Since he grew up in a famous and scandalous family, Anderson Cooper shouldn't be surprised that everyone is discussing his personal life and wants to know more. That's par for the course.

3. I don't dislike or hate Anderson Cooper or find him ugly. I just don't consider him to be all that attractive and he's dull. That's my opinion and this is my blog.

4. For those that are still denying Anderson Cooper is gay: Take the blinders off of your eyes. Wake up and smell the coffee. If you think he is such a great person/anchorman than his homosexuality shouldn't change the way you feel about him. Even if he were a straight guy, you wouldn't have a shot with him anyway.

5. There is some question about Julio's age. Some say he is 30. The public records show Julio's birthday as September 1981. Public records are exactly that, records open to the public and are compiled from various government sources and other references. I tend to believe public records over individuals who are a friend of a friend of a friend of someone who knows Julio and Anderson.

6. I believe in free speech and all comments on my site are welcome and not deleted. I don't care if you agree with me or disagree with me. This is my opinion and you're entitled to yours.

Sunday, May 28, 2006

Julio Cesar Recio is da man!!!

I don't usually go gaga for gay men but I have to admit that Julio Cesar Recio is a hot looking guy. Julio is Anderson Coopers much younger (he'll be 25 in September) boyfriend. He's the guy Anderson won't openly admit "he owns." That's right, Anderson Cooper is Julio's sugardaddy but who can blame him. He is a hot looking Latin guy and Anderson has every right to rob the cradle for this one.

Some of us aren't attracted to the whiny, gray haired, pale, stuffie looking man that Anderson is but Julio has a great smile, a deep complexion and a lot of facial character.

Now that Anderson is getting old- he's close to 40- I wonder if CNN is looking for a newer, younger face with the same appeal. The above picture is circulating the web and the endearment to Julio on page 212 in Anderson's new book is a topic of conversation on tabloid web sites. How many of Anderson Cooper's female fans will continue to watch the show? Most only watch 360 for Anderson's good looks because the show itself is bland and dull.

I heard Julio Cesar Recio is a manager/director at a wine distributor at this place. With looks like that, he should be on TV. This should also put to rest the big Q: "Is Anderson Cooper gay?"